Codementor is a fraud (scammed me of $3900)

Codementor support team (of is very unethical and a scam. They scammed me of $3900 in February and March 2021.

Update: They deleted my account now.

If you are a Programmer, please stay away from the unethical platform. You will end up wasting your time. There are much better alternatives like Fiveer.

I worked with a client for a week (in 5 to 11 March 2021) for $1500 and delivered perfect work.
After I submitted work, client liked it very much and asked me to develop another application and refused to set up a new job. He basically, wanted me to do it for free.

He kept insisting for a day, then started threatening and suspended payment.

Later, a “lady” from Codementor support stepped in and found that the client was a PhD student and the work was a part of his research. They claim they found this when they talked with the client.
(How am I supposed to know this.)

The Codementor team took the entire payment from the client and gave me nothing claiming it is against their policy to help in school work.
[Why did they take it then???]

Every transparent nature. I wonder if the lady get commission on doing such unethical tasks. They did not reply to my emails questioning their decision.

Good for them, they took the entire payment and made up a violation out of no where.

Questions Codementor will not answer as they are a scam:

  • If we cannot work for students, why is it a violation to ask the client personal questions to identify if they are a student?
  • Why did they take the entire money if this is a violation?
  • Why they could not show me any proof that the work was a part of an assignment.

I had pending payment of $2400 from other tasks on February and beginning of March 2021 which I could not cash out as they suspended me.
Hence, they scammed me of $3900.

This is just a harmless report of the incident that took place with me. The platform may work well with you if you earn in pennies. Just stay safe.

COVID was harsh but the scam of Codementor is harsher.



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